What is the Jubilee Badge?

The Jubilee Time Capsule (JTC) is the world’s biggest online time capsule. It is being built to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and her 60th year as Head of the Commonwealth. The JTC will tell the story every day in the Commonwealth between 1952 and 2012. That’s over 22,000 days! No story is too big or small. The best entries will be presented to the Queen as a special gift.

The Jubilee Badge is a very special way to take part in the world’s biggest history project. After signing up for the badge, your school will be invited to contribute to the Jubilee Time Capsule.

Every time you have completed one of the 6 tasks you will receive one part of the crown

.Everyone including Teachers has a story to tell!

From now until May 2012 you will need to complete 5 articles, which will be released each month. Don't worry if you miss one of these, it will still be there to complete when you have more time.

Each task must relate to a single day in the last 60 years, between 6th February 1952 and the present, and can be any combination of text, approved photos, illustrations, audio/visual. This is a history project, so any events must not be fictional, but be creative! Remember to include the date of the day you choose for each task., e.g. 8th June 1974.

October/November 2011

HRH Queen Elizabeth arrives in Australia

Heads of Commonwealth meeting in Perth Australia

March 2012

Commonwealth Observance week, London

June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations JTC presented to HM Queen JTC results published