Bullying Bullying is any mean, unkind or threatening behaviour aimed at another person, that happens more than once. It may be physical, emotional or social.

Bystander A bystander is someone that sees or knows about bullying.

Chatting up Chatting up means flirting with another Super Clubber or talking about going out with them.

Contact Details Contact details are anything that allows people to contact you or find out how to contact you. Contact details include last name, phone number, address, email address or other website username.

Copyright Some items, like pictures or music, have special permissions. This means that the items can't be used freely by others.

Cyberbullying Cyberbullying happens when a person uses technology, like a mobile phone or computer, to be mean, unkind or threatening to another person more that once.

Mediators The mediators are adult helpers that work on SuperClubsPLUS. They make sure that all the Super Clubbers are safe and protected.

Online Friend An online friend is someone that you have only met online and haven't met face to face.

Password A password is a secret word or code used to get into websites.

Private Information Private information is anything that you don’t want to be shared with lots of other people. It could be something embarrasing that happened or a personal problem.

Publish To publish means to make something public to all Super Clubbers. This includes posting in forums and creating your homepages.

Spam Spam includes posting the same item many times or sending lots of unwanted emails. Spam also includes instant messaging, SMS and MMS that you receive without your permission, usually advertising something.

Spam List A Spam list is a list of people and their email addresses that you are able to block from contacting you. The spam list is used when someone is annoying you with lots of emails that you don't like.

Trusted Adult A trusted adult is a person in your life that you can go to if you are worried about something. This person may be your teacher, a parent or carer or an older sibling.

Unsafe Websites Unsafe websites are any sites on the internet that are not meant for kids. They may make you feel uncomfortable, upset or frightened.

Upload Upload means to transfer something from your computer to the SuperClubsPLUS library, like a picture or a sound. |-

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